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Independently Validated Technology with a 100% Approval Record

At AquaPoint, we aren’t just manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, we’re creating a treatment system that matches the specific needs of our clients. Our products are extremely reliable and surpass regulation requirements time and time again. Our past projects show how this combination of engineer-tailored system design and powerful wastewater treatment machines together are what lead to our clients’ success.

AquaPoint has been in the wastewater industry for over 25 years. We have worked on over 1,000 installations of our products for various applications and sites. These projects have given us expertise on how to deal with various industry-based treatment challenges and how to handle different site-based design challenges. View our project snapshots to see the results our solutions brought to our customers.

  • Treatment Objective – Nutrient Removal (< 8 mg/l Total-N, < 1 mg/l Total-P)
  • Technology – AquaCELLTM MBBR (Aerobic & Anoxic) w/ chemical addition
  • Design Flow / Peak Day Flow – 0.3 MGD / 0.6 MGD
  • Disposal: Surface Water

Fairfield, PA Project Snapshot »

  • Treatment Objective – Reliable, low cost, low energy, no noise, no odor wastewater treatment system for a seafood restaurant that sits directly on the Westport River.
  • Technology – Aquapoint BioclereTM
  • Design Flow – 10,000 gpd

The Back Eddy Project Snapshot »

  • Treatment Objective – Total nutrient reduction for a very tight regulatory permit on Cape Cod, MA.
  • Technology – Bioclere™ with postanoxic and UV disinfection
  • Design Flow – 38,000 gpd

Canal Bluffs Project Snapshot »

The Ridge at Lake Martin - Alexander City, AL
  • Treatment Objective – Ammonia Removal (< 2 NH3)
  • Technology – AquaCELLTM MBBR
  • Design Flow – 0.1 MGD
  • Disposal: Subsurface

The Ridge Project Snapshot »

Skaket Corners - Orleans, MA
  • Treatment Objective – High Strength / Total Nitrogen Removal (< 10 mg/l)
  • Technology – Bioclere™
  • Design Flow – 20,000 gpd

Skaket Corner Project Snapshot »

Stop & Shop Supermarket - Foxboro, MA
  • Treatment Objective – High Strength Organic Reduction / Total Nitrogen Removal (< 10 mg/l)
  • Technology – Bioclere™
  • Design Flow – 5,575 gpd

Stop & Shop Project Snapshot »