Product Description

AquaPoint manufactures mechanical and hopper bottom style clarifiers for secondary settling of biologically treated wastewater. In both configurations, water enters the clarifier through a stilling well to reduce the energy of the influent waste stream. Within the clarifier solids settle out of the water column and a mechanical sludge rake or hopper bottom sump concentrates the solids so they can easily be removed with a mechanical or air lift pump. A skimmer device removes any floating scum from the surface of the clarifier and clear water known as supernatant flows over a weir to discharge. Clarifiers may be fabricated of fiberglass, steel or concrete.

Design Configurations

  • Mechanical
  • Hopper Bottom


  • Pre-fabricated units for easy installation
  • Fiberglass, steel or concrete tanks
  • Mechanical or hopper bottom configurations
  • Adjustable weir troughs
  • Circular and square designs
  • Covered or open top units


  • Conventional activated sludge
  • MBBR/IFAS systems
  • Trickling Filters
  • RBCs
  • Retrofits