Genuine Parts and Manuals

In order to keep your Aquapoint wastewater treatment system performing efficiency and effectively it is important to have the recommended replacement parts and manuals on site. Whether you are looking to stock spare parts or you have an immediate need for a replacement part or manual, AquaPoint has you covered. We use Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specified parts and most parts can ship same day or next day. Direct billing and credit card payment options are available. On-site assistance and evaluations are available through our plant wellness program.

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Technical Support

Aquapoint’s engineers and field technicians have the most in depth knowledge of our systems and we want to be a resource when you have questions or are trouble shooting problems onsite. As with any business, time is valuable and depending on the condition of the system some troubleshooting exercises can take hours. If we can’t answer a question or resolve a problem in a 10-15 minute phone call we ask that you consider our plant wellness program. Contact one of AquaPoint’s experienced Customer Service personnel at 508-985-9050.

Plant Wellness Program

Are you experiencing biological process or filtration issues? Does a new system operator require training? A plant wellness visit by one of AquaPoint’s Engineers or Field Technicians can help bring your plant back to operating at its peak efficiency. The AquaPoint Plant Wellness Program includes two days on site; the first to inspect mechanical and electrical equipment along with a detailed review of the biological process, and the second day consisting of training on process operations to help your team improve performance and process efficiency. Upon completion, our team will prepare a fully detailed report covering all aspects of the inspection.

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Equipment and Process Upgrades

Have the flow rate or influent loading to your plant increased? Are you facing new permit requirements and stricter performance standards? Are O&M costs increasing year to year? Upgrading or retrofitting your existing system can represent a rapid return on investment. Allow us to put our decades of experience to work by evaluating whether an upgrade can save you time and money.

The control system is essential to the performance of any treatment process. As treatment plants age, some control panel components such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs) become obsolete and replacement parts may be difficult to find. In order to ensure your system will continue to operate and control components will be available in case of an emergency, consider planning a control system upgrade. Aquapoint will review your existing control system and make recommendations to minimize interruption while improving functionality.