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Bioclere™ OH

Product Description

Bioclere-OH is a two-stage hybrid biological treatment process integrating an AquaCELLTM moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) with a BioclereTM high rate trickling filter.  The high rate productivity and oxygen transfer efficiency of the MBBR combined with the polishing and clarification capability of the Bioclere makes Bioclere-OH ideal for high-performance nitrification and denitrification applications. BOD/COD removal and partial nitrification are accomplished in the first stage MBBR by heterotrophic organisms allowing a robust population of nitrifying autotrophic organisms to colonize the trickling filter media bed and accomplish complete ammonia-N removal.  Bioclere-OH is a fixed-film technology offering process stability, small footprint, minimal process control requirements and high-quality effluent.

Process Advantages

Stable & Resilient Two Stage Biological Process
Bioclere-OH can accommodate intermittent flows, extreme temperature variations and fluctuations in organic & nutrient loading. Its two-stage process separates biological trophic levels to enhance treatment and/or handle high strength wastes.

Nitrogen Conversion & Reduction
Bioclere-OH is specifically designed for cost-effective, high-performance ammonia-N, nitrate-N, and total nitrogen removal. Nitrify to < 0.5 mg/l NH3 and denitrify to < 5 mg/l TN.

Minimal Sludge Production
Biological fixed films are known for their extensive microbial communities that enable efficient digestion and mineralization of sludge.

Self-Regulating & Purging Biological Filter
The Bioclere-OH MBBR and trickling filter media beds never require replacement or cleaning. The media is constructed of UV resistant durable plastic with > 80% open space giving it an indefinite lifespan without the potential for plugging. Biomass naturally sloughs off the media and regenerates eliminating the need to manually clean or backwash the reactors.


  • Treats flows from 1,000 to 100,000 gpd
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Small footprint
  • Modular design enables phased construction
  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Sealed and insulated for seasonal conditions
  • Internal gravity flow system
  • Treats high strength waste
  • Highly effective nitrification/denitrification process
  • Fully Automated PLC Control Systems


Project Snapshots

Dover Sherborn Regional School System, Dover, MA

Camphill Ghent Wastewater Treatment Plant, Chatham, NY

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