Camphill Ghent Wastewater Treatment Plant

Camphill Ghent Wastewater Treatment Plant

Intermittent Stream Standards Community System for Ammonia Removal

Between the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts and the Hudson River in eastern NY lies the small town of Chatham, NY. Scattered lakes, streams and conservation areas make this rural community an environmentally sensitive location.

When the Camphill Elderly Care Initiative developers decided to build a community on the outskirts of town in 2011 the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) required that a wastewater treatment facility be designed and installed to comply with the state’s Intermittent Stream Standards. Under this permit requirement the wastewater must be treated to reduce BOD5, TSS and Ammonia-N to extremely low concentrations to protect the wildlife in the receiving stream.

The project engineer selected an AquaPoint Bioclere-OH treatment system for its proven nitrification performance capability, energy efficiency and lowlife cycle costs. Effluent from the biological process is polished through dual pressure sand filters and parallel UV disinfection units prior to re-aeration and ultimately discharge to a stream.

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Design Characteristics

DESIGN FLOW (GPD) 80008000
BOD5 (mg/l)250<10
TSS (mg/l)250<10
TKN (mg/l)65
AMMONIA -N (mg/l)50<2
FECAL (mpn/100ml)<200

Performance Data

  • System Commissioned: January 2012
  • Detectable Limit for BOD & TSS: 4 & 5 mg/l respectively
  • Data Source: New York DEC Records
DATEBOD5 (mg/l)TSS (mg/l)NH3 (mg/l)
MAY 20194.008.000.12
JUN. 20194.0011.000.09
JUL. 20194.005.000.14
AUG. 20194.005.000.13
SEP. 20194.003.300.18
OCT. 20194.002.500.11
NOV. 20194.005.000.09
DEC. 20194.002.500.15
JAN. 20204.004.500.19
FEB. 20204.004.000.15
MAR. 20204.003.000.20
APR. 20204.005.000.09

System Diagram