Bioclere™ Single Family

Product Description

BioclereSF (Single Family) is a member of the BioclereTM family of products.  It is designed specifically for individual home, residential wastewater treatment.  The unique design combines a trickling filter over a clarifier to provide biological treatment and secondary settling in a single fiberglass vessel. BioclereSF is the documented leader in affordable nitrogen reduction, making it the best choice for nutrient sensitive sites requiring advanced treatment.

Product Advantages

Low Cost of Ownership
BioclereSF runs on two fractional HP pumps and uses as little as 50 KwHrs/Mo making it one of the most energy efficient treatment Advanced Treatment Units (ATUs) on the market.

Easy Installation & Operation
BioclereSF is a single 5’ diameter fiberglass tank that connects to a conventional septic tank. It can be fully installed in only a few hours and provides decades of odor-free, quiet operation.

Optional at Grade Profile
Fits inconspicuously into existing landscapes.

Self-Adjusting Fixed-Film Treatment Process
Naturally acclimates to the day to day changes of an individual home’s waste stream.

Unmatched Performance
BioclereSF reduces BOD & TSS concentrations by 85% to 99% and Total Nitrogen concentrations by up to 80%. These levels of performance protect groundwater quality and preserve the life of drain fields indefinitely.

Extensive Third Party Testing
Third party testing by the likes of NSF/ANSI 40, ETV, NJ Pinelands Commission and independent operators is available for review upon request.


Design Configuration



  • Treats flows from 200 to 1,500 gpd
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy usage (as low as 50 KwHrs/Mo or roughly $5/Mo)
  • Small footprint
  • Durable fiberglass & PVC construction (50 year useful life)
  • Sealed and insulated for seasonal conditions
  • Internal gravity flow system
  • Fully Automated PLR Control System


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