Group of civil engineers looking at blueprints at a construction site and wearing helmets

Project Support

AquaPoint provides wastewater management support throughout the entire engagement process, from design to installation. Starting with a comprehensive design package created from your project requirements, we work with you throughout the project to help support your engineers and contractors. We even assist with the permit process, providing your team with the documentation they need for the formal permit and site installation. When you work with AquaPoint, you are gaining far more than just a wastewater treatment system; you are selecting a team of wastewater management experts who will be with you every step of the way to ensure your treatment system fits your project’s specific needs and regulation requirements.


Our project support begins as soon as you submit your proposal to us. It is our priority to work with you to design the criteria for your project, and provide recommendations for what type of treatment system will meet all of your requirements. Our engineers become an integrated part of your team to help you create a comprehensive design package, and are provided with the proper materials for a site permit - saving your team and project time and money.


Once the proposal has been approved, we are there to help you design the project. We have been in the wastewater industry for over 25 years and, we bring that expertise with us as we work side by side with you to make sure that the project is designed to meet all of your site specifications and regulation requirements.


When it’s time to install our wastewater systems into your site, we’re there to make sure that it’s done right. As we’re on site with you, we make sure that your technicians are knowledgeable about our products and they have the tools they need to maintain our systems.


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