Commercial wastewater is typically highly concentrated in organic content and complicated by sanitary routines that shorten the expected life of the soil disposal system. Advanced wastewater treatment will preserve the disposal system indefinitely, and often represents a one to three-year return on investment for commercial facilities.


Small and rural communities generally find it difficult to assemble the resources to develop a traditional wastewater infrastructure. However, this infrastructure is crucial in increasing property values and economic development. Decentralized wastewater treatment systems represent a low cost, low impact, and high benefit solution. We employ modular systems whose processes are natural and require little management.


Industrial facilities typically have larger wastewater flows with lower organic concentrate than commercial waste streams. However, most industrial areas have exceptionally high concentrations of ammonia, nitrogen, and erratic peak flows. We understand the industrial lifestyle and sanitary routines, allowing us to design our treatment systems accordingly.


Our residential cluster systems collect and treat wastewater for entire communities. Cluster system benefits include: low capital and life-cycle costs per home, reduced operating costs per home, small footprint, and enhanced treatment capability for nutrient reduction.

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