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Partnering with AquaPoint means decreased time invested and increased profitability.

Comprehensive Support From Proposal Through Installation
  • We don’t just sell wastewater treatment equipment – we support you from design through installation to ensure the project is done right.
  • Equipped with criteria on your unique needs, our engineers craft a comprehensive design package. This includes a recommended solution based on your influent characteristics and regulatory requirements, extensive performance verification, modeling with CAD drawings and detailed explanations, and preliminary budgets that include operational and lifecycle cost projections. We assist you with the formal permit applications and provide the contractor with very detailed installation instructions. Further, you can get an onsite technician to monitor the installation.
Independently-Validated Technology With Engineered Design.
  • With a 100% approval record, our technology is independently validated by the EPA, ETV, NSF/ANSI 40, USGBC, WERF, NASA, and the US Navy among others.
  • Backed by a comprehensive CAD library and extensive documentation, we design and engineer your wastewater treatment solution to your exact specifications. This compliments your engineering to achieve efficiency in design to reduce costs, accelerate permitting, and to minimize onsite requirements allowing for a “plug and play” installation.
  • Further, our solutions are sustainable. Using fiberglass as the primary fabrication material, you can expect about 50 years of life with virtually no maintenance and significantly reduced lifecycle costs.
Proven, Metrics-Based Success.
  • Our performance-based solutions handle the most demanding influent characteristics and regulatory requirements. The proof is in our certifications and performance data, showing that we don’t just meet requirements; we far surpass them:
    • a commercial plaza with a 30/30/10 (TN) effluent requirement; we delivered 4.8/4.6/5.7
    • a school with a 30/30/10 (TN) effluent requirement; we delivered 9.1/4.9/5.1
    • a rural community with a 15/15/2 (NH3) effluent requirement; we delivered 2.3/4.6/0.5