Residential & Community Wastewater Applications

Single Family Homes

Conventional septic systems are one of the largest sources of groundwater pollution in the United States (US EPA). As a result, many towns, counties, and states have begun to require advanced treatment of septic tank effluent from individual homes. In an effort to protect its water resources, the New Jersey Pinelands Commission developed a pilot program where five different advanced treatment unit (ATU) manufacturers installed hundreds of single family treatment systems over a five year period. The performance and cost of all systems were monitored on a quarterly basis and published in the report below. AquaPoint’s BioclereSF system outperformed the competition on total nitrogen (TN) removal and proved to be the least expensive to design, install and operate.

New Jersey Pinelands - NJ

  • Treatment Objective – Total Nitrogen Removal (< 14 mg/l)
  • Technology – BioclereSF
  • Design Flow – 300 gpd (60+ Systems)

New Jersey Pinelands Treatment Report »

New Jersey Pinelands, NJ
New Jersey Pinelands, NJ

Apartment & Condo Complexes

When an apartment or condo complex does not have access to municipal sewer an onsite wastewater treatment facility is typically needed to accommodate the density desired by the developer and to create the open space that will attract potential tenants. AquaPoint’s wastewater treatment technologies can be designed to fit inconspicuously into dense residential developments where minimal noise, the absence of odor, and low profile aesthetics are critical features.

Cottages at the Cape - Buxton, NC

  • Treatment Objective – North Carolina TSII Standards/Total Nitrogen Removal (< 20 mg/l)
  • Technology – Bioclere™
  • Design Flow – 14,160 gpd
Cottages at the Cape - Buxton, NC
Cottages at the Cape - Buxton, NC

Residential Subdivisions & Communities

Treatment systems serving residential subdivisions and growing communities are frequently required to accommodate extremely low flow rates at the onset of operation as well as adapt to multi-phased build out of the development. AquaPoint’s portfolio of modular fixed film and suspended growth processes provides ideal solutions for the changing conditions of residential subdivisions. Our processes can operate at <5% of design flow and are available in modular pre-fabricated tanks to easily accommodate phased construction.

The Ridge on Lake Martin – Alexander City, AL

  • Treatment Objective – Ammonia Removal (Nitrification to < 10 NH3)
  • Technology – AquaCELL™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • Design Flow – 100,000 gpd (Expandable to 200,000 gpd)

The Ridge Project Snapshot »

The Ridge on Lake Martin, Alexander City, AL
The Ridge on Lake Martin, Alexander City, AL

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