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Waste streams at RV Parks & Campgrounds present challenging conditions for biological treatment processes for a number of reasons. Wastewater flow rates vary significantly, and loading rates for BOD & TKN can be up to 10 times higher than typical domestic wastewater. Finally, these sites are often in out of the way locations, meaning a simple to operate system is essential. We design all our products using fixed film technologies, which allow the microbes breaking down the waste to naturally fluctuate depending on the total pollutant load. With proven nitrification and denitrification performance capability, energy efficiency, and low life-cycle costs, our easy to operate systems can handle the various wastewater treatment obstacles RV Parks & Campgrounds offer up.

Compact Systems Expertly Designed 

AquaPoint will design and engineer your wastewater treatment solution to your exact specifications. This creates a “plug and play” system which is quicker and easier to install - a crucial element for many RV Park & Campground sites, typically in very remote locations. The last thing a recreational area wants to deal with is "back up," and our customized systems go a long way to ensure your site won't have those issues.


Support and Expertise from Proposal to Beyond

AquaPoint’s wide-ranging team of engineers, designers, and wastewater plant operators are all prepared to assist you every step of the way. We work with you through the entire concept to completion lifecycle, starting from the beginning design phases, through the permitting process and even after the final installation.

High Strength Waste Removal

AquaPoint's systems are designed to be cost-effective and highly efficient at high strength removal throughout the year. The fixed-film used in all of our products keeps the microbes warm during cold months and allows their population to increase or decrease depending on pollutant load so our systems work year-round with minimal maintenance. After installation, RV Park & Campground sites typically see a reduction in BOD and TSS greater than 95%. 


Quality Materials Made to Last

AquaPoint’s solutions use fiberglass as the primary fabrication material, resulting in 50 years of life with virtually no maintenance and reduced lifecycle costs. Furthermore, our technologies have been independently validated and received a 100% approval record from the EPA, ETV, NSF/ANSI 40, USGBC, NASA, and the US Navy.

Summit National Scout Reserve - Fayette City, WV

AquaPoint has deep experience with the unique characteristics of campgrounds, including The Boy Scouts of America Jamboree site in Fayette County, West Virginia.


  • Treatment Objective – Total Nitrogen Removal (< 23 mg/l)
  • Technology – Bioclere™
  • Design Flow – 80,000 gpd
  • Disposal: Spray Irrigation


Summit National Scout Reserve, Fayette County, WV

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