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Municipal Wastewater Applications

Distributed Sewer

The distributed, or decentralized, sewer concept is a means of achieving wastewater treatment needs without building mile upon mile of expensive collection system piping. Distributed sewer is scalable, flexible, saves energy – it is the most cost effective way for a town to meet its wastewater requirements, and AquaPoint has already done it. The short video on the right uses a couple of our installations to highlight some of the benefits of using decentralized sewer.

Piperton, TN

  • Treatment Objective – Piperton utilized the AquaPoint concept of distributed sewer infrastructure to achieve affordable, scalable, and highly flexible wastewater infrastructure that is easy to operate and suits the growth of the community, up to 750 homes.
  • Technology – Bioclere™ (6 Systems)
  • Design Flow – 0.28 MGD

Piperton, TN Distributed Sewer Case Study »

New Municipal Treatment Plants

Cities and towns often face the prospects of economic growth without the wastewater infrastructure to support it. AquaPoint provides affordable, custom wastewater treatment plants that can be built in phases and scale along with the growth. In the late 2000's, one region in Arkansas saw massive population growth when large companies such as Wal-Mart & Tyson Foods placed corporate headquarters there. Details and data can be found at the link below.

Highfill, AR 

  • Treatment Objective – Ammonia removal (< 2 mg/l NH3)
  • Technology – AquaCELL™ MBBR
  • Design Flow – 0.1 MGD (Expandable to 0.2 MGD)

Highfill, AR Project Snapshot »

Highfill, AR Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Highfill, AR Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Municipal Treatment & Capacity Upgrades

Municipalities all over the US are facing the challenge of aging and undersized infrastructure along with more stringent wastewater treatment and environmental regulations. AquaPoint provides cost-effective, advanced solutions to solve these problems for towns all across the country. In Fairfield PA, for example, AquaPoint was able to incorporate existing tankage into their system upgrade. More information, along with recent performance data at the link below.

Fairfield, PA

  • Treatment Objective – Fairfield required a cost-effective upgrade to both capacity and treatment capability for disposal to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Technology – AquaCELL MBBR™
  • Design Flow – 0.6 MGD Peak Day, 0.3 MGD Avg. Day

Fairfield, PA Municipal Treatment Plant Project Snapshot »

Fairfield, PA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fairfield, PA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Eco Districts

The Eco District concept is one of the most exciting in modern urban development. Eco Districts require the very best in energy, cost, and treatment efficiencies when selecting infrastructure. That’s why AquaPoint was chosen to provide the wastewater treatment component for this cutting-edge water reuse project.

Lloyd Eco District Portland, OR

  • Treatment Objective – Minimal energy usage to recycle and disinfect wastewater for irrigation of a downtown public park.  The biological treatment units are placed in the middle of the public space as an integral part of the landscape design.
  • Technology – Bioclere™
  • Design Flow – 0.045 MGD

Portland, OR Lloyd Eco District Case Study »

Lloyd Eco District Portland, OR
Lloyd Eco District Portland, OR

Mini-Municipal Wastewater Applications

The town of Otis Massachusetts qualified for Rural Utility Service (RUS) funding from the Department of Agriculture in 1999 to provide sewer for a portion of the community. Their engineering firm Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM) selected an Aquapoint Bioclere™ wastewater treatment system because of the stability of the fixed‐film treatment process and the low installation and operating costs. Bioclere’s compact footprint also minimized land usage and the impact on the surrounding community.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Otis, MA

  • Treatment Objective – Nutrient Removal (< 10 mg/l Total-N)
  • Technology – BioclereTM w/ Tertiary Anoxic Reactor & Filtration
  • Design Flow – 30,000 gpd

Otis, MA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Snapshot »

Otis, MA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Otis, MA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

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