Jeff Walsh of Graves Engineering describes how Aquapoint successfully installed a system at a residential location near a public water supply.
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Client Testmonials

From Engineers:

“Graves Engineering, Inc. (GEI) has had the pleasure of working with AquaPoint throughout the design, construction, and operation of a wastewater treatment facility in Massachusetts. The wastewater treatment facility consists of primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment, and replaced twenty septic systems serving a local housing authority with an approximate design flow of 27,600 gallons per day. GEI evaluated several wastewater treatment equipment suppliers (and their existing facilities) and recommended AquaPoint on the basis of lower capital and electrical power usage costs and less noise. During the design of the facility Josh Lindell, Mark Lubbers, and the staff of AquaPoint were easily accessible and attentive to our needs. They assisted in preparing design calculations, detailed drawings and thorough specifications. The staff were all very knowledgeable of both their designs and of wastewater treatment processes, and offered creative solutions to project specific constraints. AquaPoint demonstrated constant professionalism while coordinating with several entities, such as the local housing authority, the drip dispersal equipment supplier, MassDEP, and the contractors. AquaPoint maintained close involvement to ensure that they provided the best product possible to the client, and we would be happy to work with them again."

- CHRIS BARDEN, Graves Engineering, Staff Engineer

"The City of Croswell was facing treatment performance issues and lack of redundancy when a shaft failed on one of its rotating biological contactors.  Subsequently, the City initiated an improvements project to upgrade its secondary treatment process to meet its NPDES permit limits and provide capacity for additional biological and nutrient loadings.  An MBBR process was selected to maximize treatment performance in existing tankage while controlling costs to the extent possible.

The AquaPoint team through its local representative, Kennedy Industries, provided comprehensive product support from conceptual design through construction.  Their team provided preliminary design layouts, budgetary pricing, detailed calculations, and prompt responses to engineering questions.  The submittal packages were thorough, well thought out, and timely which helped the project schedule.  Since startup of the AquaPoint equipment, the City has been able to reliably and consistently meet its permit limits with CBOD and Ammonia-Nitrogen concentrations below 4 mg/L and 0.1 mg/L respectively.

The project was a big success for the City and has significantly improved performance and operations while reducing maintenance needs.  Aquapoint has been a valuable resource and partner in the planning, design, construction, and post-construction support of this project."

- JOE BENJAMIN, Project Manager, Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering

"For over 50 years, I have argued for addressing onsite and small community wastewater management differently than large, point source systems- applying performance based regulations instead of prescriptive, achieving higher quality effluent, developing innovative financing, and utilizing centralized management of diffusively located systems. AquaPoint ownership and management take pride in understanding the intricacies of environmental policy and regulatory requirements. They use their knowledge and equipment design expertise to continually improve wastewater management to the benefit of their clients and the receiving environment.

I am an engineer that not only designs wastewater management systems, but constructs and operates systems as well. It is critical that systems for which I am responsible utilize treatment equipment that can produce the designed results, maintain its physical integrity for the useful life of the project, and be economical to operate and maintain. Supplying equipment companies must understand wastewater management and the people that will be operating the equipment. AquaPoint has proven to be such a company."

- MICHAEL HINES, Founding Principal, Southeast Environmental Engineering

"I have worked closely with AquaPoint and their design staff and find them to be extremely valuable partners on our wastewater projects. We value them as a resource when looking at initial project feasibility. Their initial proposals and budgets are timely and accurate. Design packages and submittals are thorough. They are responsive to engineering issues as they arise, and generally provide a high level of professionalism. Their equipment and delivery has always met expectations. We look forward to many more projects with AquaPoint on our team. Feel free to contact me if any additional information is needed."

- MARK BROOKS, President, Brooks Engineering Associates

"The team at AquaPoint is always a pleasure to work with. Whether we need quick ballpark pricing or sizing of components for concept design, have detailed engineering questions, or run into time sensitive issues during construction, they are always very responsive. Not only do they provide the assistance we need in a timely manner that enables us to do our job well, but they pay due attention to detail and ensure the project is getting the best system possible. The team is highly knowledgeable and provides thorough design, construction and O&M documentation. It also gives us comfort to know that they will continue to provide the same level of service to the system’s owner and operator down the road."

- RYAN CASE, Project Manager / Senior Engineering Technician, Biohabitats

"Stroud Engineering PA’s Morehead City office was looking to upgrade an existing septic system at a hotel project in eastern North Carolina along the Atlantic Ocean in Carteret County. The old system was installed under existing parking lots and had failed. To correct the failing system and to accommodate a planned expansion, Stroud Engineering, PA looked to AquaPoint for assistance and guidance. With a limited amount of space available, proximity to property lines and the proposed new structure advanced treatment was needed to minimize the drainfield size. With AquaPoint’s guidance, we were able to design and obtain state approval for a new system that is now under construction. The system included their MBBR system along with their Bioclere clarifiers. Josh Lindell, Bill Fenner and Steve Sedgwick of AquaPoint provided detailed design information, CAD files, pricing and solid support throughout our process. Thanks to those guys and I would recommend AquaPoint to my colleagues."

- RON CULLIPHER, Vice President, Stroud Engineering

"The North Dakota, Indian Health Services have been battling providing residential treatment of wastewater for years. The soils are generally high clay content and water tables within a few inches of the surface. Many of the homes have been sited right up against wetlands. To solve the issue, four sizes of residential Biocleres are being used. The largest can handle up to 17 residents. The approach is taking the wastewater and holding it in a septic tank for 24 hours. The septic tank effluent is then directed into the Bioclere. The effluent from the Bioclere is then discharged directly to the nearest wetland. The effluent from the Biocleres is in the range of single digit BOD and TSS. The wetlands further polish the effluent by removing the nitrogen and phosphorus. In the past, on some sites, the Indian Health Services has replace a leach field for one home four times in five years. The land owners are sometimes on fixed incomes. Some incomes are as low as $350 per month. There is no money to make a repair on a mechanical device. To assist the Indian Health Services and the homeowner, AquaPoint is providing a five (5) year warranty including parts and labor on the residential units. In 2017 and 2018 Indian Health Services anticipates purchasing an additional 37 units. In my lifetime I have seen a lot of companies come and go with all kinds of promises that never came to fruition. AquaPoint stands behind their product and continues to make sound sizing decisions. I highly recommend AquaPoint for any wastewater treatment system large or small."

- DALE A JOHNSON, Regional Manager, Larson Engineering

From Operators:

"I have operated the WWTP in Otis, MA for three years, enough time to cycle several times through the extreme weather variations that Otis experiences through the annual cycle – lows in the subzero range in winter to temperatures of + 90 degrees during the summer. While the town added a heat exchanger to the treatment system during the 2000s to raise the influent water temperature, the system has consistently met it’s MADEP Groundwater Discharge limits of < 30 mg/L BOD and TSS and < 10 mg/L TN.

Through the course of the 15+ years the treatment system has been online the annual costs of operating the system have been stable. The reliability and straightforward nature of operations have freed up enough of my time that I have been able to dedicate material portions of my work week to other town responsibilities. The major components of the treatment system – Biocleres, sand filter and U/V system have been rock-solid in terms of reliability with minimal ongoing repair/maintenance expense."

K O'NEILL, Operator, Otis MA WWTP

"The City of Croswell Wastewater Plant Upgrade:

With limited financing and real estate, the city decided to go with a MBBR system. The MBBR system provided the most treatment capability with the smallest foot print on the market. It was a treatment system that could be used in an existing tank.

An AquaPoint MBBR was selected and installed and put into service in February 2021. This treatment system is meeting our NPDES permit limits with ease; CBOD’s below 4 ppm and Ammonia-Nitrogen <0.1ppm.

As the operator in charge, I am very happy with the AquaPoint MBBR. It is easy to operate and has minimal maintenance requirements."

- ED CARSTENS, Wastewater Superintendent, Croswell MI

"An ideal technology for a distributed approach to providing wastewater treatment in a rural environment – straight forward to operate and very effective in meeting it’s effluent limits on an ongoing basis."

- T. PARKER, Director of Public Works, Piperton TN

"For 16 years I have been the head operator of the water and wastewater systems for the Fairfield, PA Municipal Authority (in South-Central Pennsylvania). Our previous wastewater treatment plant had been operated as an activated sludge system and had consistently met all effluent limits set by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) in our NPDES permit.

In 2005, discussion began with the PADEP to upgrade the WWTP to meet the new Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) standards. The system proposed by our consulting engineers, C.S. Davidson of York PA, was the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process treatment system, which was new to our region and of which I had little knowledge.

After three years of operating the AquaPoint MBBR, I can confidently state that the system has consistently met the much more stringent effluent standards required by our new NPDES permit. With double the treatment capacity of the former system and additional treatment processes, the operation of the new system has caused no increased time commitment on my part. The AquaPoint operations staff has been very supportive and professional in helping me install, commission and operate the treatment system effectively. When combined with the quality of the equipment supplied by AquaPoint, my staff and our operations’ Board of Directors could not be more pleased. My overall experience with AquaPoint has been exceptional, and I would certainly recommend this treatment system to any community considering its application."

- MARK KELLER, Operator of Record, Fairfield PA WWTP

"I have been operating the AquaPoint AquaCELL MBBR at Highfill’s WWTP since the treatment system was commissioned in 2008. The treatment system has consistently met it’s effluent standards during that period with virtually no mechanical issues of significance. The system has been very straightforward to operate. I wish I could comment on AquaPoint’s support capabilities but the fact of the matter is that I have not had to contact them since I have never had a mechanical issue requiring their support."

BUTCH WIAND, Operator, Highfill AR WWTP

"I would rate the overall performance and reliability of the treatment system at a 1.5 on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is exceeds expectations."

- G. LIVINGSTON, Mayor of Eva, AL

"Prior to my retirement, when I was the Director of the DEP Division of Water Pollution Control for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I was responsible for the development of the Title 5 Regulations that are being used today. Overseeing that process made me acutely aware of septic system failures and the difficulty of resolving these problems. My department and I literally evaluated dozens of different wastewater treatment technologies as well as the companies that offered them.

I respected those organizations that had a visionary approach to resolving the problems which sprawl and development create. In particular, AquaPoint impressed me with your goal of developing cost-effective, decentralized wastewater treatment systems that could replace the inefficiency and ineffectiveness that individual septic systems often pose. I believe upgrading treatment is critical with today’s often inadequate infrastructure. You and your company are to be commended for refining your technology and engineering. You have worked hard to solve the problems inherent in anything innovative.
Finally, the honesty and integrity with which your company approaches business makes me comfortable in working with you. I will be pleased to discuss with any regulatory official why I think AquaPoint is among the top companies that can help meet the environmental challenges ahead."

- JOHN J HIGGINS II, Vice President, Northeast Environment Corporation