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Wastewaster Treatment Nozzle Cleaning and MaintenanceWhile Aquapoint’s wastewater treatment products are designed to minimize demands on operation and maintenance providers, they do require consistent reliable service. Proper operation and maintenance practices are often directly linked to a healthy biological reactor and ultimately enhanced treatment efficiency.
Because Aquapoint is determined to provide all of our customers with quality treatment solutions, we have supplied a variety of tools to assist operators in achieving consistent and reliable service.
The following PDF files are designed to help operators troubleshoot systems, create thorough field reports, identify effluent quality problems and provide information about the use of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. If you would like to consult Aquapoint on a specific site problem, we ask that you submit field reports for all pieces of equipment onsite as well as analytical and flow data.
Operational Resources
Field Reports
We encourage operators to keep records detailing the performance of the systems they operate. These reports serve as a service checklist and will provide valuable information when consulting Aquapoint for operational guidance.

Bioclere Field Report (13KB - PDF)

ANOX Field Report (14KB - PDF)

EQ Field Report (13KB - PDF)

Aquapoint PrepAer Field Report (13KB - PDF)

Chemical Feed Field Report (13KB - PDF)

Order Replacement Equipment
Fill out this form for spare equipment and warranty requests and mail or fax it to Aquapoint.

Materials Request Form

Troubleshooting Reference Material
These tools will help operators identify possible reasons for operational problems.

Bioclere Installation (20KB - PDF)

Bioclere Technical Troubleshooting (24KB - PDF)

Alarm Condition Troubleshooting (21KB - PDF)

Effluent Quality Troubleshooting (20KB - PDF)

Wastewater Treatment Precautions (90KB - PDF)

Process Control Requirements (40KB - PDF)

Operations FAQ (41KB - PDF)

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