The EPA & Water Reuse

Our system in Easton, where the effluent is re-used for irrigation

Back in September, the EPA released an action plan for water reuse. The basic long-term goal is to make “wastewater” a thing of the past. We had planned on blogging about this ourselves, but recently Tracy Mehan wrote an outstanding piece on the subject. Instead of rehashing his ideas we thought we would just provide you with a quick preview and a link. Mr. Mehan is the Executive Director of Government Affairs at the American Water Works Association, so to say he is an expert on the subject would be an understatement…

“For many in the water sector, this was a welcome recognition—a validation, if you will, of a new movement and set of practices and technologies that will impact drinking water, energy, agriculture and industry throughout the nation. These all add up to something called ‘water reuse,’ the discovery of ‘found water’ in a community’s own waste stream converted into a valuable resource. Collectively, these new approaches deconstruct the very idea of “=’wastewater.’ No longer is there such a thing. There is only water that is wasted.”

The above quote is just the tip of the iceberg, to read the article in full please click here.

To view a Project Snapshot of an AquaPoint system where water reuse is utilized please click here.