Scalable Distributed Sewer: Infrastructure With the Capacity to Pay For Itself

It is Aquapoint’s premise that the ability to deliver scalable, compliant wastewater treatment on a just in time basis dramatically increases the ability of communities to design municipal sewers in ways that are more affordable and even capital forming.

A case in point: Two selectmen in a Massachusetts coastal town resisted the suggestion that a distributed and scalable approach to designing infrastructure could reduce costs and sometimes pay for itself. They answered 3 questions and found an estimated $61,000/ home.

What is the average cost of a home in your town? $350,000 $350,000
What does it cost to replace a septic system? – $25,000
How much will property values increase if you move property out from under the land use restrictions and property development limitations of the health codes and move it under the sewer ordinances? +$26,000
Resulting values at a moment in time $315,000 $376,000

In our December newsletter, we will tell you about a town that did this and produced spectacular results.