Luxurious Connecticut Apartments & Wastewater

Biocleres with apartments in background

A few years back, developers were in need of a wastewater treatment solution for their state-of-the-art apartments in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The developers of Post & Main Apartments, 186 1 & 2 bedroom garden style apartments spread over 10 acres on the Connecticut Shoreline, went above and beyond to give each apartment a luxurious feel – private balconies, stainless steel appliances, accent lighting, in-unit washer/dryer, etc. Additionally, the development also boasts a pool, lounge, fitness, game rooms, and much more. So it stands to reason that when they looked for a way to treat the wastewater they would want to both save money but more importantly make sure the footprint of the system was small enough to not infringe on the beauty of the apartment complex, all while treating the effluent to permit standards. Enter AquaPoint.

As is standard here at AquaPoint, we worked closely with the developers and project engineer to design a system to specifically meet the above needs. Ultimately, we opted for one of our Bioclere-OH hybrid systems. More detailed information is available on our product page, but essentially the Bioclere-OH combines our AquaCELL moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) with our Bioclere technology. In this specific case, the process flow design is:

Primary Settling (with alkalinity introduced) –> Aerated Flow Equalization –> Aerobic MBBR with 15 cubic meters of media –> Flow Splitter –> (2) 36/24 model Biocleres in parallel –> Post Anoxic MBBR –> Final Settling –> Discharge into leach field.

We are still in the process of gathering more data, but below is a small sample showing the last half year or so of Total Nitrogen in the effluent (Influent TKN = 50; Effluent TN = <10 to be compliant with permit):


Post and Main Bioclere-OH

*We will update this post to reflect additional data once collected.

**We also wanted to note that Post & Main has sold since we installed the system in 2017, and is now called “Saybrook Station.”