Clustered Bioclere System in North Carolina

Four of the five Bioclere Systems at Stanton Landing

We’ve been having some fun with our new drone lately and took a few photos and a video of an approximately 15 year old Bioclere System in Beaufort, North Carolina. A residential community on an inter-coastal waterway, Adams Creek, Stanton Landing decided on this AquaPoint solution back in the mid 2000’s as a solution to their wastewater. Being so close to the water necessitated certain levels of treatment, furthermore this clustered solution proved to be far more economically viable than individual septic. There are five total clusters that are designed to treat 3,000 GPD.

Below is a quick video capture of one of the systems up close.

And finally here is a satellite image where you can just make out all five Bioclere systems. Note that while you can only see a few homes, the systems treat far more than pictured. The developers chose to put the Bioclere systems on the northern border of the property.