Clear as Drinking Water

We wanted to share a photo of some recent influent/effluent samples from one of our wastewater treatment systems at Parker Terrace, a housing development in Easton, Massachusetts. The inception of this system dates back to 2009, when the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) determined that the communities three conventional septic systems had failed and were polluting the local groundwater. On top of needing to replace the existing wastewater infrastructure, the Easton Housing Authority (EHA) also had new regulations to deal with, including reduction of total nitrogen (TN) & total organic carbon (TOC).

When taking into account the primary drivers for this project – effluent standards, cost efficiency, small footprint, and sustainability – the EHA decided to install an AquaPoint Bioclere-OH wastewater treatment system. This multi-stage, hybrid system integrates aerobic and anoxic MBBR chambers with two of our bioclere trickling filters in between. Following the anoxic chamber, the flow goes through a tertiary stage sand filter, activated carbon filters and UV disinfection before final discharge. The effluent is used for irrigation throughout the grounds of the housing complex. In the photo below you can see how the water quality changes as it passes through the system. If that isn’t enough to convince of how well the system is working, check out some of the effluent data.


Some notes on the table below: BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand; TSS = Total Suspended Solids; TOC = Total Organic Carbon; TN = Total Nitrogen.  The top row of numbers represents permitted effluent limits, while the bottom represents the averages over the past month. If you are interested in more of our performance data, feel free to reach out!

BOD (mg/l)TSS (mg/l)TN (mg/l)TOC (mg/l)