AquaPoint Quarterly Update

First off, I have to apologize – it’s been forever since I posted here and updated the wastewater world on all things AquaPoint. The good news is I have a decent excuse! We’ve been extremely busy summer and the first part of fall, I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath. That said, here are a few updates from the last few months:

      • It took longer than expected, but we worked overtime to complete our first of two animated explainer videos. At just under 5 minutes, the video does a terrific job of providing a high level overview of our Bioclere &Bioclere-OH technologies. Here is a quick snippet (to view the complete video please click here):
      • We completely revamped our Project Snapshot Catalogue with a sleeker look, updated data, and new additions!
      • Another marketing update – a brand new digital flipbook came out late summer!
      • Our ops team has been to Russellville, Missouri a few times to assist with installation and commissioning of a steel plant system replacing a lagoon for the town. Check out some of the photo sets here & here.
      • Lots of other ongoing projects, installations, working with prospective clients on new jobs, etc…the best way to keep up with us on a more routine basis is through Instagram or LinkedIn!

Again, apologies for the delay! I won’t let it happen again. Signing off for now but enjoy the rest of the month and especially Thanksgiving! Crazy times we are living in right now, but still so much to be thankful for.