Remembering Our First System Installation!

AquaPoint’s first Biocleres heading out to Yarmouth, MA

In June 1992, AquaPoint installed our first Bioclere system at a Stop & Shop Plaza in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. From the outset, AquaPoint’s vision was to stand out by approaching each project individually and use a process-based design as opposed to a standard product. Case in point, with this system we used two Biocleres in series. As each unit performs a different level of treatment (the first unit is a roughing filter, the second a polishing filter), different media was used in each filter. We are proud to say that this system has been running for 28 years now without any issues! Not only can you see recent data alluding to that below, but in addition when wastewater of this strength is run on a conventional septic system drain fields have to be replaced often. This drain field hasn’t been touched, resulting in rapid return on investment and zero business interruption!

We also recently heard from an engineer we worked with on some AquaPoint systems in New Hampshire: “The Biocleres at AMC Pinham Notch are over 20 years old…the leach bed is still perfect. Before installing them the leach field would die every eight years or so. The Biocleres at the Christmas Farm Inn restored a failed leach field…and now set up wedding tents over it. There have been no problems with the Cannon Ski Area and the I-89 Rest Area Bioclere systems – both are at least 15 years old.”

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the water…