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At Aquapoint we custom design decentralized wastewater treatment systems to meet the discharge standards required by our clients.  We have developed a portfolio of modular technologies that enable adaptive solutions to specific waste stream characteristics and demanding regulatory standards.  Aquapoint selects treatment processes for their simplicity, reliability and versatility. Our core technologies Bioclere ,AquaCELL and AquaFAS utilize biological fixed-film treatment processes that are stable, flexible and competitively priced.
Bioclere is a modified trickling filter over a clarifier that uses a fixed-film treatment process to treat wastewater with varying organic and nutrient concentrations.
Hydraulic Capabilities: 200 to 100,000 gallons per day
Treatment Processes: BOD & TSS reduction, 
      Nitrification, Denitrification, Phosphorus Reduction
Lotus-AquaCELL & AquaFAS
AquaCELL and AquaFAS are submerged fixed film bioreactor technologies in which free floating HDPE biofilm carriers (media) support a community of microorganisms that reduce organic and nutrient concentrations in the wastewater.
Hydraulic capabilities: 0.001 to 2 MGD
Treatment processes: BOD & TSS reduction, Nitrification,
      Denitrification, Phosphorus Reduction
Link: Additional Information
ANOX - BDR and MBDR Denitrification
ANOX - Denitrification
The ANOX reactor is a tertiary stage, fixed-film denitrifying reactor that is used in conjunction with Bioclere or other aerobic systems to achieve total nitrogen concentrations of 10 mg/l or less.
Hydraulic capabilities: 1,000 gpd to 2 MGD
Treatment capabilities: < 3 mg/l Total Nitrogen (denitrification)
Link: ANOX - BDR Brochure (302KB - PDF)             
             ANOX - MBDR Brochure (302KB - PDF)
Aquapoint PrepAer
Aquapoint PrepAer
Aquapoint PrepAer is a pre-treatment reactor used largely in commercial applications to pre-condition high strength wastewater for biological treatment in a Bioclere system.
Hydraulic capabilities: 1,000 to 100,000 gpd
Treatment processes: BOD reduction, pH control, VOC          
Aquapoint UV
Aquapoint UV
Aquapoint-UV provides disinfection of biologically treated wastewater prior to discharge. Aquapoint-UV systems destroy 99% of all biological organisms remaining in the waste stream after biological treatment.
Hydraulic capabilities: 1,000 to 2 MGD
Treatment processes: BOD & Fecal Coliform Reduction
Link: Aquapoint-UV Brochure (146KB - PDF)
Control Panels for Wastewater Treatment Systems
Aquapoint designs and develops a variety of electrical control panels for our wastewater treatment equipment and processes. Our control designs range from traditional analog panels to computer based (PLC) interfaces and our Aqua Alert remote wireless telemetry monitoring systems.
Link: Controls Brochure (149KB - PDF)
             Aqua Alert Brochure (149KB - PDF)
Aquapoint is an OEM provider of quality filtration products such as sand filters, disc filters and membrane systems. These products are used in conjunction with our proprietary biological processes when the treatment standards merit that they be used.
Chemical Addition
Chemical Addition
Aquapoint is an OEM provider of quality chemical feed systems such as LMI, Neptune and Masterflex. Chemical feed systems are used to provide alternate carbon sources for denitrification, stabilize alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate and facilitate settling with coagulant.
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